Knowledge and books always go together though these days they have their electronic cousin- the internet. A centre of learning remains lifeless without books. Knowledge nurtures the life of an individual leading him to life-fulfilment. Needless to say that books form the core of any course of study.

 The college library is accessed with books numbering around 20,000 worth Rs 18 lacs. The stack has books on subjects classified according to Colon classification system and catalogued according to Classified Catalogue Code of Dr S R Ranganathan. The library has been computerized by using Easylib software. A photocopy service and Internet service are also available on payment basis. The library subscribes nine dailies, eighteen subject journals and 23 popular magazines. Besides, it also has 92 educational CDs and 20 music CDs.

 Two books are issued to students on regular basis for ten days. Book bank books are issued to thestudents on semester basis. Apart from this, other reading materials like periodicals and popular magazines are issued to students on overnight basis. University question paper files are maintained and lent for in-house reference.

 Books are also issued to the M. Com and M.S.W. students of our college.

 Reference and news paper-clipping service is available for faculty and students. Alumni who pursue higher studies and competitive examinations are also provided with books on availability basis.

 The library has five standalone machines with broadband connection offered to students for browsing.




Library Orientation Programme and Book Review Competition


Librarian's Day