Manavika Cell

 The association seeks to promote the exploration and showcasing of issues crucial to human kind which cannot be explained or understood in the context in Particular subject. It aims at developing the ability of students to perceive interrelationship of knowledge drawn from a wide range of subjects or disciplines thereby demonstrating the importance of contributory subjects and equal esteem given to them. The association aims to provide an independent forum for the activities and programmes through which the process of changing its members into beings with respect and humanities regard for all members of our species.

  1. To enable students to learn about the issues and develop values appropriate for a healthy and harmonious society.
2. To equip young people to play an active, well-informed role in the community.
3. To support students in their development as confident autonomous learners.
4. To enable young minds to apply their knowledge and skills in real life situations.
5. To provide opportunities to students to demonstrate what they know, understand and can do.
6. To prepare graduates for further education and the world of work.
7. To involve students in enquiry and problem solving.

Dr.Herald Ivan Monis